Tsunami Beach Reborn, Again

MaryAnn Maa wasted no time finding a new home for Tsunami Beach. From group notices:

Tsunami  Beach & Surf, Tsunami Shops & Surf,  Both  reborn from the devastating storm that blew thru 50 sims,  We  have survived, washed shore on Bonaire 21 & 25..
Ray has been busy  Pray4Surf is up and running,
We also have  some waves running……..Stop by and take a peak, before the weekend.
Our good friendly vibes came with us,  Enjoy  MaryAnn Maa

I stopped by to check it out and take some pictures… but it may not be in its final form yet. Plus it looks like it was set up someone’s (*wink*) wedding. It spans two sims. Here’s a few pictures of how it is now.


Pray 4 Surf's new home

Pray 4 Surf’s new home






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4 responses to “Tsunami Beach Reborn, Again

  1. Kantbe Thursday

    I’ve updated the list of public surf sim’s on Solace Dreams to reflect the new Tsunami Beach. The neighboring sim to Tsunami also has a DW Surf shop with a running set of Fluffs.

    • Well shoot, how did I miss the fluffs and DW’s shop? I will have to go snag your updated surf list, I have been meaning to update mine. Thanks for the reminder! 🙂

  2. What happened to the black sand beach tsunami has always been known? Or am I not seeing it?

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