SLSA Board of Director Election Results

SLSA+logo1from SLSA Group notices:

Ladies and Gentlemen the Votes are all in and we have new sitting Directors from the June 2013 election. The SLSA as a whole is proud to welcome Dax Verlaine, Petra Xaris, and Alvaro (ignacio) Pevensey.I want to Thank everyone that came out in support of their candidates of choice. We give a very special thanks to Johnny Whadd for volunteering to run for the betterment of the SLSA as a whole.
Here are the results>

Dax Verlaine: 25
Petra Xaris: 23
Alvaro (ignacio) Pevensey: 22
Johnny Whadd : 17

Congratulations to Dax, Petra, and Alvaro. They are joining Dax Kona and Nico. Special thank you to Johnny Whadd and I hope to see him run again in the next election!



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2 responses to “SLSA Board of Director Election Results

  1. As long as we want it to live and have wonderful people to support it, it will live on. Viva SLSA!

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