SLSA Solace Dream Longboard Open Results

SLSA+logo1The SLSA Solace Dream Longboard Open was held today. And in spite of two dual sim crashes a wonderful time was had by all!

When there are less than 15 competitors in an Open event:
Top 5 scores will advance to the Solace Longboard Open Final
*Top 10 scores will progress to the Solace Longboard Pro on May 22nd

Heat 1
Mick Lunasea 12.00*
Missy Lovesu 11.16*
RoxyAngel 11.50*
Neptune01 10.50*
Roselyanna 10.66*

Heat 2
Alliejj  8.50
Lilly Wumpole 12.50*
Diamond Carbetta 10.33
Sarahs Wirefly 10.66*

Heat 3
Cierra Theriac 11.66*
JustSurfSparkie DNC
Curshaw Resident 7.17
Ashoka Mosely 13.50*
Aquariastrus Jolles 11.44*

Lilly Wumpole 13.33
Cierra Theriac 13.16
Ashoka Mosely 12.50
RoxyAngel 12.16
Mick Lunasea 11.83

SB Open2_001

Our Judges and Marshal

Open Event Staff:
Event Coordinator: Dax Kona
Head Judge: Maldrul Morris
Judge: Sunrize Mornington
Judge: Nico
Marshal: Lauren Walker
Security Officer: Johnny Whadd
DJ: Kristen
Rashies: Dax
Trophies: Nico

Dax Kona

Dax Kona

Party, party!

Party, party!

The Podium

The Podium


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