SLSA Season End Celebration and Awards Ceremony

SLSA+logo1The SLSA Season End Celebration and Awards Ceremony will be held on Saturday, Decmber 15th at 11 amSLT.

Not only are the season’s top surfers honored, new Hall of Fame inductees are announced as well. The season’s top two surfers automatically become part of the Hall of Fame, but there is an additional Hall of Fame inductee given to a member of the SL surfing community at large “for contributions to surfing which are pivotal and of great value to the entire surfing community over a prolonged number of years.” This person does not have to be a member of the SLSA. For  more information about this award and how to nominate someone visit the SLSA Forum topic for the SLSA Hall of Fame.

Two other awards are given out, that are nominated by members of the SL surfing community: the Angel Award and the Sportsperson award. For someone to receive these awards, they must be nominated and second received.

The Angel Award “is designed to recognise the person (male or female) that helped make this season a success, by contributing their time, effort, or simply their encouragement of surfers and staff, cheerfully and without seeking any recognition for themselves. They are the person that helped you and many others to have a fun season.” To read about this award and nominate someone go to the Angel Award topic on the SLSA Forum.

“The Sportsperson Award recognises the person that you feel displayed exemplary sportsmanship, displaying grace in victory or defeat, providing encouragement within and outside their own team, or making a sacrifice to assist another to the detriment of their own place. They are this season’s ‘good sport’.” Again go to the Sportsperson Award topic on the SLSA forum for information and to nominate the person you feel best exemplifies sportspersonship in the SLSA.

Nominations for all three will be accepted up to midnight on Tuesday, December 11th. That deadline is tomorrow, so get in there and make your nominations ASAP!

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