SLSA Director Elections Today

Lots of stuff going on today! Don’t let the Second Life Surfing Association (SLSA) director election get lost in the shuffle.

Eligible voters, make sure you head over to Solace Dreams and cast your votes before you head off to the Cape Marina Open! You could do it after, the voting box will be available until midnight SLT, but if you are like me, you might forget.

There are three open seats on the Board of Directors.  Eligible voters get 3 votes. Who would you like to see join Sally LaSalle and Xander Datura on the Board of Directors? Nominated, and your choices, are: MaryAnn Maa Rustamova, Willowwynn Resident, JohnnyWhadd, iLaurenB Resident, and Cierra Theriac.

Special Note: Thank you to the exiting members of the Board. Bobbi, Zadi, and Meli, your hard work and dedication is much appreciated!

*Eligible voters are those that have surfed in one of the last 6 competitions, been an appointed officer (volunteer) in one of the last 3 competitions, or a member of the SLSA Hall of Fame. You should have received a message in-world letting you know you are an eligible voter. The full list of all eligible voters has been posted on the SLSA Forum.


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