SLSA Cape Marina Open Results

Today was the last Open competition of the season and the first time on the Jaws wave out at Cape Marina. Seeing all that great surfing out there tells me that I need to grab my board and get some practice in!


Zelda Zimberman – 15.16
MarkFoo WaveRider – 15.00
Kr1st3n – 14.16
Rick Galli – 13.00
Valium Lavender – 12.66
Johnnywhadd – 11.66

Heat 1
Curshaw Resident – 9.67*
Valium Lavender – 13.16*
Kr1st3n – 13.50*
Jexpek Waverider – 12.33*

Heat 2
Melian Catronis – 12.00*
MarkFoo Waverider –  14.50*
followingwaves Sirbu – DNS
aquariastrus jolles (Nickey Skorpian) – DNS
Amphiprion Bellinghausen – DNS

Heat 3
Rick Galli – 14.16*
Johnnywhadd – 14.33*
Zelda Zimberman – 13.83*
Van Valeeva – DNS

*According to the SLSA event rules, when less than 15 surfers participate in the Open event, those with the top 10 scores in the preliminary heats will advance to the Pro competition. So all surfers from this event will advance to the Pro event next Saturday.

Cape Marina Open_002

Event Coordinator – Bobbi Laval
Head Judge – Wilfrid DeCuir
Judge – Sally LaSalle
Judge – Imzadi Amaterasu
Marshal – Xander Datura
DJ – Bloo
Security – Marvel Nightfire, Euman Engineer

Pro competition will be next Saturday, December 8th, same bat time, same bat channel. See ya out on the waves!

Cape Marina Open_004

Cape Marina OpenB_001



Screen Shot 2012-12-01 at 3.59.04 PM


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