Sim Spotlight – Cape Marina

The last SLSA competition of Season 2 takes us to Cape Marina and the Jaws wave. As soon as the Chi competition was over, I was out at Cape Marina the next day to check it out. I hadn’t had the pleasure of visiting the sim before and I have never been on the Jaws wave. A trip over was definitely due.

Anaka Destiny had the following to say about Cape Marina and its neighboring sims:
The Cape Isles Resort (Cape Cruise, Cape Marina, & Riders in Bliss) features activities like beach parties, two clubs: Marv’s House of Blues, Satans’ Playground, lot’s of smooth country roads to ride, Damnation MC, shops, hangout areas, Skytracks, SLM tribute concerts, Live DJs, Paradise Blanket, sky-diving, kayaking, surfing, sailboarding, water slides, scuba diving on an underwater reef and much more!!!

Eve Wiskee also added:
I am Eve owner of Riders in Bliss along with my husband (Rodison Bellic)… Cape Marina is an awesome place to go and relax and hit some waves.  The owners are the best of people and the best of friends to have. It has a peaceful atmosphere. We have been connected for almost a year now to both  Cape Marina and Cape Cruise and it adds to what you can do. While there sim is mainly surfing and water, the other 2 sims add another perspective giving places to ride bikes and relax with friends and have fun and also have some shops to hang around at and tracks.

The sim has a lot of nice touches. The beach is clean and open, waiting for a group of friends to come hang out.

As soon as I can pry myself off my board, I will be checking out the rest of the Cape Isle sims.

I am still trying to figure out the Jaws wave. It’s a tough one and I am trying out all my longboards to find the right combination. Cape Marina is a nice place to hang out while I work on this. See you out there soon!


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