Surf Teams in Second Life

This is a list of the surf teams currently active in Second Life and competing in the Second Life Surfing Association.

Team Name: Carpe Diem Surf Team

Captain: Valium Lavender (Vally)

Sponsor: Carpe Diem Surf (sim)

Home Beach: Carpe Diem Surf (sim)

Statement: The mission of Carpe Diem Surf Team (CDST) is to promote and foster the amateur and pro sport of surfing in the Second Life community. with emphasis on helping new surfers on the CDST team to learn how to surf.with emphasis on good sportsmanship and citizenship, CDST Team members will participate in competitions held by the Second Life Surfing Association when an individual’s time permits.  CDST’s goal is not only to produce some of the most valued and skilled surfers in Second Life with the goal of winning competitions but individuals should also be trained volunteers of the SLSA, as time permits.

Accepting new members: YES!

Contact: Valium Lavender, Team captain


Team Name: Montego

Captain: Sunrize Mornington and Robbin Ember

Sponsor: Jakeb Hermit and Maxwell Silvansky

Home Beach: Freeport

Statement: Our team slogan is: Fun in Friendship

Accepting new members: No

Contact: Sunrize Mornington


Team Name: Reef Riders

Captain: Bobbi Laval / Gia Melody

Sponsor: none

Home Beach: Does not have home beach but we are at home on many beaches, especially Solace Dreams.

Statement: Reef Riders is a small team, but is the oldest active team competing in SL. It has been the tradition of Reef Riders to support a cause, initially it was Project Children, then War Child. We are currently looking for a cause to support. It is also our tradition not to recruit active surfers from other teams, preferring to develop new surfers or provide a home to surfers who have not been happy with other teams.

Accepting new members: Yes but must be invited or ask for an invitation

Contact: Bobbi Laval or Kantbe Thursday


Team Name: Surf Crazy

Captain: Mick Lunasea

Sponsor: Surfcrazy Surf Shop

Home Beach: Bratta / Tortolla Beach

Statement: Good times! Help, support, coaching. Sponsor will help with boards and garments.

Accepting new members: Yes, must try out, have basic surf skills and free saturdays.

Contact: Any team rider


Team Name: Tai Chi Zen

Captain: Sally LaSalle

Sponsor: Sally LaSalle

Home Beach: Tai and Chi

Statement: Ultimate Energy
A group for people who let their energy flow for peace, creation and richness of spirit.
Surf Sims T’ai and Ch’i are the original home base for people that appreciate love, beauty and surfing.
All surfers who share these values are welcome. A place to follow your own path with friends to help.

Accepting new members: Yes  (although new team surfers are always run past the team first)  We also have social members that don’t surf for comp points.

Contact: Sally LaSalle


Team Name: Tsunami

Captain: Colleen Brennan, Rick Galli, Figger Arun

Sponsor:  Tsunami Beach

Home Beach:  Tsunami Beach

Statement: Tsunami Pro Surf Team has always been about welcoming diversity and pulling together to do our best.  Each of our pro riders loves to surf, and we are surfers first, competitors second.  No one can take on the ocean, but if we’re good enough, and lucky, we can share some of its immense power and magic through the love of our sport.

Accepting new members: Yes

Contact: Any of the captains


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