New Banzai Pipeline Wave by LSD

submitted by Kantbe Thursday

Luscious Starship has set up a Gacha booth at the Unhinged Festival for Eku’s skull surgery benefit.  She has the Gacha loaded with the very latest LSD Banzai Pipeline and one of her Surfboard Rezzers.  This wave is new, it’s never been sold anywhere before.

The Gacha gives you a 1 in 100 chance to get either a 10,000L$ wave or a 3000L$ rezzer for a 100L$ try.  There’s also a limited edition Unhinged skull themed surfboard available.

Get over to the Unhinged Festival and check it out!

Note from the Editor: I stopped by the booth at the festival. You can buy the wave (L$10,000) by clicking on the vendor (2 pictures on the left) and/or a limited edition surfboard (L$1,200 – vendor/picture on the right). You can also enter the giveaway/raffle thingy by clicking on the Gacha, which is the black bubblegum machine looking thingy in the center. The Gacha “raffle”is L$100, of which 75% goes to the fundraiser. This gives you a 1 in 100 chance of getting either the surfboard or the wave. Okay, I guess it said all that above, but I am slow and needed to put it in Cie language. Check out a couple of pics below of the wave. You can try out the LSD waves at Bisous thanks to Nash Laville .

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One response to “New Banzai Pipeline Wave by LSD

  1. Vally Lavender

    all i can say is WOW

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