IMPORTANT – SLSA Board of Directors Nominations/Elections

(I don’t normally like to put two posts up in one day, but this is important and time-sensitive)

The deadline to submit nominations for a seat of the Second Life Surfing Association (SLSA) Board of Directors has come and went. We received a message today that NO nomination have been submitted. The deadline to submit yourself for consideration has been extended to MIDNIGHT TONIGHT. Folks/family/friends, if we do not have a full  5 member Board of Directors, our beloved competitions will be suspended (starting the next series set for December) and possibly cease altogether.

Do not think you are too new or too inexperienced to be on the Board. You are not! All it takes is a love of SL surfing and a desire to have a successful organization and competitions.

In short, to be eligible for a seat on the Board, you only have to be a current member of the SLSA and an eligible voter. To be an eligible voter, you have to have surfed in one of the last 6 events, or, be a member of the SLSA Hall of Fame, or, an appointed officer or director in one of the last 3 competitions. The fine print can be found on the SLSA Website. Look at sections 2.1 and 2.2.

To submit yourself to be nominated for one of the 3 open seats, send a notecard in-world to all the current directors (Sally LaSalle, Bobbi, Laval, Melian Catronis, Xander Datura,  and Imzadi Amaterasu) with the following information: your name, your willingness and ability to serve a full term, any affiliations of team, product or sim ownership, and a paragraph or two outlining your background, and your vision for the SLSA. The original post with the call for nominations is on the SLSA forum.

Please help keep the SLSA alive!


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