Unhinged Festival Fundraiser

submitted by Kantbe Thursday

I would like to thank Cierra for allowing me to make this very personal, non-surfing related post.  Those of you familiar with my old Kantbe Serious column for Surf Watch will find this quite a bit different.  Please bear with me and read all of this and the other linked sites.

When I first joined SecondLife™ in the Fall of 2007, I met and became friends with a couple of other noobs who had joined within the same couple of days.  Eku Zhong and her RL/SL partner, yure4u Sosa, were my first friends in SL and have remained so to this day.

Eku is very funny, extremely talented, and just a pretty sharp cookie.  Her body, however, has not been kind to her.  She has suffered with MS and cancer all of these years and is now facing one of her biggest challenges.  Years of radiation therapies, surgeries, bone replacements and bone marrow transplants have left her with a fragile skull.  More surgery is needed to help prevent what could be a life threatening injury due to bone fractures in her skull.

A group of friends have put together a fund raiser festival from November 15th through December 15th.  In true Eku fashion, she wants it to be full of fun activities.  There will be events with live entertainers, DJ’s, and special merchant offerings.

The festival is called Unhinged.  More information can be found at http://unhingedsl.com/about/ and updates will be posted at their home page, http://unhingedsl.com .

While Eku’s absolutely invincible spirit cannot by itself overcome what life is doing to her body.  Please join me in helping my friend by participating in what ever way you can.

(Editor’s note: For more information: National Multiple Sclerosis Society, American Cancer Society,  and National Bone Marrow Donor Program.)


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