SLSA Asylum Break Pro Results

The stands were rocking (thanks to excellent music and awesome peeps), the waves were rolling, and the surfers were ripping it up! Because OMG – look at these scores! I haven’t seen scores this high in, well, since the last time they were this high. New names, old familiar names! The old-timers proved they still have the right stuff, but they better watch out, because the groms aren’t going to be groms much longer. They were definitely given everyone a run for their money! And placing high enough to prove it.

1st – Bobbi Laval – 18.33
2nd – Wilfrid DeCuir – 17.00
3rd – Abel Halderman – 16.83
4th – Colleen Brennan – 16.16
5th – Shannon Cardali – 15.50
5th – Sunrize Mornington – 15.50

Semi Final 1
Sunrize Mornington – 15.16*
Wilfrid DeCuir – 15.16*
Shannon Cardali – 16.33*
Dax Verlane – 13.00

Semi Final 2
Mick Lunasea – 13.50
Abel Halderman – 16.00*
Colleen Brennan – 15.16*
Harbor Piers – 14.83

Semi Final 3
KatieLove Adored – 13.16
Bobbi Laval – 17.66*
Petra Xaris – 13.83
Revlon Benior – 13.16

*Heat winners advance to Finals, next highest 3 scores advance to Finals

Heat 1
Willowwyn Resident – 14.16
Louinho Nizna – DNS
Terruce Chau – 13.00
KatieLove Adored – 15.50*
Rick Galli – 13.50

Heat 2
Figger Arun – 8.83
Ignacio Pevensey – 14.50
Mick Lunasea – 14.83*
Revlon Benior – 14.66*
Melian Catronis – 10.50

Heat 3
Pova Rustamova – DNS
Petra Xaris – 15.33*
Sunrize Mornington – 16.66*
CK Carver – DNS
DJZone – 10.83

Heat 4
Wilfrid DeCuir – 16.33*
Curshaw Resident – 14.16
Lanky Silvercloud – 13.50
Lyn Naveh -14.16
Dax Verlane 14.66*

Heat 5
Abel Halderman – 16.16*
Imzadi Amaterasu – DNS
Cierra Theriac – 14.66
Shannon Cardali – 15.50*
Harbor Piers – 15.33*

shot from the line-up

Heat 6
Bobbi Laval – 18.33*
Colleen Brennan – 15.33
Ashoka Mosely – 14.16
Robbin Ember – 14.50
Tatch Rynkin – 13.33

*Heat winners advance to semi-finals, next highest 6 scores advance to semi-finals.
Surf-off for final 2 positions in semi-finals between Dax Verlane, Revlon Benoir, and Cierra Theriac. Dax and Revy advanced.

Event Coordinator: Revy Benoir
Head Judge: Sally LaSalle
Judge: Xander Datura
Judge: Valium Lavender
Marshal: Maldrul Morris
Security: DJZone
DJ: DJZone
Trophies by: Bobbi Laval
Rashies by: Lunasea Family

Personal Note: I had the most awesome time, even if I totally blew it in my surf-off. The company was excellent. A bad day surfing is better than a good day working (and it really wasn’t a bad day). I got pressed into being the MC for the Semi-Finals and the Finals because the scheduled MCs surfed too well. And anyone that knows me,  knows I love to babble. And if they didn’t know it before, they know it now. Once I got the mic, they couldn’t pry it out of my hands until the trophies had been awarded. 🙂 And finally, DJ Zone caught on to the fact that I love the Foo Fighters and turned the last hour into my own personal show.

So where is the next comp, cuz I am chomping at the bit… oh yes, Chi and fluffs. Woot! Watch out here I come!



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4 responses to “SLSA Asylum Break Pro Results

  1. Imzadi Amaterasu

    Just wanted to say grats to fellow reefer and capt bobbi!! And awesome scores everyone.. had to focus on rl preparing for the storm.. grats to everyone and especially xander for hosting this series.. wtg kid!

  2. Xander

    Thanks Zadi! Missed ya there >.< And Cierra for takin the reigns in the stands! Was a lot of last minute stuff goin on but thanks to a lot of people's awesomeness, it all came together!
    Thanks to everyone that took part to! Surfers, staff and spectators!! :))

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