Monkey State Park

Syx Toshi has created a beautiful new sim for us to enjoy and surf at.  Monkey State Park has a long sandy beach surrounded by plants and trees. Running behind the sim is a beach access road, lighthouse and a rocky out cropping being constantly splashed by the surf.

Syx sent out the following group message via Monkey Cove Surfers:

Hi Monkeys,

Been a long time, but I’m happy to announce the opening of Monkey state Park. This is a single sim dedicated to surfing and thats it! No houses, shops, group inviters or LM givers. The access is to Members of this group only. You can have your friends join anytime. You may rez anywhere. Be advised the beach will be cleaned everyday just like RL

I hope you enjoy



You know I was out there right away to check it out. It is currently running an Epic wave. We are happy to see Syx back and thankful to him for bringing us a new place to throw out our boards and wander around. It really is beautiful! My pictures don’t do it justice. You will have to see it for yourself. If you are not currently a member of Monkey Cove Surfers, join the group and enjoy!


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