LSD is Back!

I was roaming the beach at Tai and just about to rezz my board when I noticed something new. A LSD board rezzer. A NEW LSD board rezzer. Could it be? Luscious Starship has come back and is creating again for us? Did I need a gold engraved invitation to try it out? No, I did not!

Luscious provided Sally LaSalle with the “LSD Comp tuned Board rezzer” for us to play with. My take is that it opens up the possibility to a potential comp with LSD boards. Most of the configurability options have been disabled (when compared to LSD previous surfboards). It is much harder to skim across and stand on the water.Since it is in a rezzer all competitors would be able to use the same board.

The SLSA has used LSD waves in competitions with great success, but has been unable to use the boards yet. Partially due to the wide variety of boards LSD has put out and also the with all the configuration options it is hard to keep the playing field level. With the latest board in a rezzer, it will be much easier to use it in a competition, if all the surfers have to rezz the same board.

So back to hopping on the board and trying it out.  It took me a bit to get used to. (Doesn’t it always?) But I started playing with the keys, to see out what did what… what keys to combine to make things happens. Turning took me a bit to figure out. Silly me kept just trying to use the side arrow keys to turn. I finally tried out that down arrow and side arrow and that made me turn in a low crouch. I haven’t found any scripted tricks, but there is a HELP button on the menu (when you left click the board) which explains how to perform all the tricks on the board, so I am going to go back and play some more to see what else I can make it do, if I can get my fingers to cooperate.

A lot of people missed LSD while Luscious Starship was on a small hiatus from SL. Having her back and creating is great for the sport. So naturally, I tracked her down and quizzed her on what is going on with LSD.

Cierra Theriac: Good to see you back in SL. Do you think you could tell me a little something about where LSD is at, what you are working on, that kind of thing…

Luscious Starship: I’m working on a nice tasty non physics full sim width wave that has a fast right break, a REAL break, because waves in reality move sideways a LOT faster than most in SL.

Cierra Theriac: I’ve been out playing with the new board on the rezzer on Tai. It’s fun. after I figured out how to turn. Laughs.

Luscious Starship: Hint: to carve a turn, hold the PgDn (or ‘c’) and side arrow at the same time. To bottom turn hold the PgDn, up arrow, and side arrow.

Cierra Theriac: Oh good to know, I will try that too. Are the boards in the rezzer on Tai going to be available to buy? (People are going to keep you busy)

Luscious Starship: You can actually buy one at Chi now. There’s an small LSD store there. In front of the store you can buy the board. It’s a copy version only right now.

Cierra Theriac: It is a new/updated version right?

Luscious Starship: Yes, is version 788. There have been a LOT of board revisions, I don’t think it ever stops, there’s always something not quite right it seems.

Cierra Theriac: Gotta keep tweaking, right?

Luscious Starship: nods There is a lot (I am working on). mesh mesh mesh, everything is mesh.The board, look at it carefully. It’s s double concave bottom, on the rocker, moving to single convex in the back. Just a reminder that the board shape is very real. The intention of the LSD board is to surf like an ASP surfer. It’s shortboard only now, and while if you stretch the board longer than 2.5m it will behave more like a longboard.The animations are definitely shortboard.

Cierra Theriac: if I could look like an ASP surfer I would be so stoked. (Note: ASP=Association of Surfing Professionals, a RL surfing association that conducts a World Tour contest and ranks the world’s best surfers. Anyone heard of Kelly Slater?11-time World Champion?)

Luscious Starship: In SL we can! is where I keep videos of waves and tricks and my SL surfing adventures 🙂

I’d like to thank Sally LaSalle, Anisha Ray, and Rayzza Rubble though for providing homes for my servers which keep LSD alive. Denise Foxtrot also has been a great friend and collaborator. Along with Colleen Brennan and everyone at Tsunami Beach!

Here’s a few hints I weaseled out of her, when surfing on the new board 🙂

want another hint? to turn use the “c” and side arrow
c = PgDn
also try the “e” key = PgUp
the PgDn or “c” is the “carve” key and essentially the accelerator
the down arrow will help you do a crazy turn
but the “c” or PgDn is best for creating a bottom turn and cutback, so bottom turn = PgDn + up arrow + side arrow
cutback = PgDn + side arrow
also in the main menu there is a button called “HELP/ADJUDA”, which will give you a complete instruction sheet available in over 10 languages


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