SLSA Asylum Break Open Results

Today the Second Life Surfing Association (SLSA) Asylum Break Open competition was held. There were new faces, old faces, costumed faces 🙂 And as always a great party in the stands. Kudos to all the staff, who kept things moving smoothly and letting the fun happen! The surfing was great with everyone shredding their hearts out.

Shannon Cardali – 14.16
Revlon Benior – 13.33
Tatch Rynkin – 12.33
CK Carver – 12.16
Alliejj Resident – 11.00


Damiana Babcock – DNS
nicolette1nico2 Resident – DNS
Revlon Benior – 13.50*
DJZone – 12.00*

Dax Verlane – 14.33*
Followingwaves Sirbu – DNS
Harbor Piers – 12.50*
Shannon Cardalines – 15.00*

Melian Catronis – 13.66*
Curshaw Resident – 11.33
CK Carver – 13.83*

Rick Galli – 12.00*
Alliejj Resident – 13.16*
Katielove Adored – 11.33

Jen Gustafson – 11.16
Tatch Rynkin – 13.33*
Sweetrage4chu Jinx – DNS

*The heat winners and the next 5 highest scores advance to the Pro Event.  The Pro event will be held on Saturday, October 27th at 11:00 SLT.

Open Event Staff:
Event Coordinator: Xander Datura
Head Judge: Bobbi Laval
Judge: Wilfrid DeCuir
Judge: Imzadi Amaterasu
Marshal: Cloudy Mikado
Security: Sally LaSalle
DJ: DJ Kammi
Trophies by: Bobbi Laval
Rashies by: Lunasea Family

Pre-qualifed for Pro event are:
Bobbi Laval
Wilfrid DeCuir
Figger Arun
Able Halderman
Pova Rustamova
Willowwyn Resident
Colleen Brennan
Sally LaSalle
Ignacio Pevensey
Imzadi Amaterasu
Petra Xaris
Louinho Nizna
Ashoka Mosely
Lanky Silvercloud
Mick Lunasea
Cierra Theriac
Sunrize Mornington
Terruce Chau
Robbin Ember
Lyn Naveh

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