Surf Spot Spotlight – Asylum Break

On October 20th and 27th, the Second Life Surfing Association (SLSA) will be holding it’s next set of surfing competitions. I wanted to take a look at the sim where it will be held and start to get some practice in. Flynn and I headed out there to check out the situation. Asylum Break is one of two sims dedicated to sports in SL, featuring surfing, skating, scuba, skydiving, and a few others as well.  The Asylum Break competition will have the Nalu wave be held on SSi shortboards. The entry to the wave is on the left (just to keep things interesting). The ride is very smooth and is amiable to a nice variety of maneuvers.

Asylum Break has a nice openness to it with a small beach area . With a few items scattered around, some palm trees and mountains in the background, it has a very peaceful feel, just like the best beaches do. It is just like the kind of beach I hunt down in real life… beautiful water, lots of sand, comfy and cozy, and, of course, awesome waves.  Towards the shore, on the right, there are some fluffs for your pleasure, but they aren’t part of the competition wave.

I cornered to Xander Datura to talk a bit about Asylum Sports, the surf sim and the upcoming competition.

Asylum Sports was a project I started to kinda mix all the sports that I enjoy, and I thought people from each sports world would enjoy trying other sports too… AS WELL as people new to each sport could come to one place, and try all the designs and styles in one area, or get answers to questions.

I wanted to host a comp cuz… well it’s fun to be a part of 😛 I love the community and helping to organize and provide a place for people to have fun is awesome for me.  

The maker of these waves, Nalu and Maoli, has been around for a while.. but was overlooked for competition use, not out of spite or anything… was just one of those things. When I was introduced to her and her designs, I had a blast on them, and everyone that tried them loved them to (or told me they did :P). So it seemed an obvious choice to give them a shot for comp use. This current wave, the Nalu Evolution 2, a lot of people seem to be enjoying. It’s a nice long ride, rides kinda like a Maverick… when you get dialed in on it, a person can really explore the space and focus more on creativity and style than some of the other waves I think.. and its just different. I mean, I love TONS of the wave designs, but changing things up is always fun, and healthy… keeps things from ever getting stale, and it gives people an equal playing field as its the first time for many to ever ride this wave.

Asylum Sports has a couple of shops, located next door on Asylum Reef, and I spotted SurfCrazy, The Sugar Shack, DW Surf, Surf Shop 6, and a few others. Xander said, “Anyone that wants to come on board and spread the word about the things they’re CRAZY about, can have a home at Asylum 🙂 I make no profit… and when someone’s here or has a shop, they’re part of the dream, not employees or tenants.”

I have been having a blast out here practicing!

There are rezzers for HP5 and SSi available. So you can try ’em if you don’t already have them. Naturally since the next competition is on a SSi short, that is what I was on.

I’ll let the pictures do the rest of the talking…

Flynn was shredding it!

Ran into Figger Arun

Rick and Eireen Galli getting some quality wave time in


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