Bound to Excite Beach Surfing Contest

submitted by vaporparagorn

Bound to Excite Beach is pleased to announce our first surfing season. Date and time for this season’s surfing contest will be announced soon. Registration for participants is now open. You can register to be part of this thrilling event by sending an IM or note card to “Vapor Paragorn” with your name and your SL schedule availability.

The theme of this season is just one word: “Excited”. Bring out your excited self! Show us how excited you can make yourself look for this contest. Bound to Excite Beach is a clothing optional beach located in an adult sim with lots of kinky adventures lurking in every nook and cranny. Participants are encouraged to make themselves look as kinky as they like. Extra points for styling will be included in surfing performance scores. Whether you fancy latex, cuffs and chains, lingerie, silks, heels, boots, bikinis, or even just bare buns, let your kinks rule!

Prizes and gifts
Winner:Gold trophy and fabulous prizes from Fierce Designs store (gift cards)
First runner-up: Silver trophy and fabulous prizes from Fierce Designs store (gift cards)
Second runner up: Bronze trophy and fabulous prizes from Fierce Designs store (gift cards)
All participants will also receive gift cards

Rules and Guidelines

  • To participate in this contest, you need to be a member of the “Naturally Bound” group. Join today.  The group is free to join.
  • The contest will be played on “sunset waves”,  40 m wide and 10 m high
  • Participants will use “Prancha de Surf HP4” or “Prancha de Surf long board HP4” surf boards, provided at the beach.
  • Each participant will be given three chances (three waves) to prove their surfing talent.

Event sponsor: Fierce Designs
Event Venue: Bound to Excite
You are very welcome to visit us at beach and practice 🙂

For any further queries contact Vapor Paragorn, Manager, Bound to Excite surf beach



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2 responses to “Bound to Excite Beach Surfing Contest

  1. Valium Lavender

    The events sound really cool and a novel idea! Fun to be had by all I am sure. I just don’t know if I am going to find time to fit in another comp until this schedule comes out. But great idea and wish you the best of luck!

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