Liquid Shaman Surfing Competition

On Sunday, September 2nd, Liquid Shaman Resorts hosted a surfing competition. It was a freestyle competition where each surfer was given 60 seconds to show off their stuff. The wave was an SSi Pipe and the board was surfer’s choice. There were 11 competitors shredding up the waves. Most were on SSi’s, long and short, but a few whipped out their HP5s and LSD. Winners were chosen by vote of the spectators.

The top three surfers were awarded cash prizes.

1. Bobbi Laval
2. Sunrize Mornington
3. Willowwynn

Liquid Shaman is a series of sims, where surfing can be found here, featuring a large variety of fun activities including a dance club, a live concert area, and runway shows. They also film a Comedy Series called Club Yes and SL Travel Show. According to dial Terr, “The beach is way more then a surf location. It also has hidden locations that visitors can find. These spots are hidden through out  our underwater Scuba Diving maze. The hidden areas include a trip to galaxy’s far away and a Secret Garden.”

Thanks to dial Terr for all the information. All his photos from the competition can be found on Photobucket. One of their videos featuring the competition is on LiquidShaman’s Vimeo page.


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