SLSA Tsunami Beach Open Results

It was a record day at Tsunami Beach. The stands were packed with 40 people taking in the action! The surfing was tight on the twin Sunset waves. The poor judges had to deal with a slight hiccup with their judging computer in the 5 heat but rallied well. Congratulations to everyone and we will see you all back next Saturday, same bat time, same bat channel for the Pro event.

Rick Galli 12.83
Damiana Babcock 12.50
Jen Gustafson 12.16
Robbin Ember 11.83
nicolette1nico2nikki 11.33

Heat 1
Rayzza Rubble DNS
Aurora Jacks 11.66**
Valium Lavender 11.00
Buck Ghostraven DNS
nicolette1nico2nikki  12.83 *

Heat 2
Jen Gustafson 13.50 *
amatsu Dezno DNS
Skaterider Resident DNS
Revlon Benoir DNS
selina Otsuka 11.50**

Heat 3
Followingwaves Sirbu 9.17
Naveah11 Resident 10.66
Rick Galli 12.50 *
Zelda Zimberman DNS

Heat 4
Curshaw Resident  9.33
Damiana Babcock 13.16 *
Katielove Adored 12.16**
Jordan Mendle 12.50**

Heat 5
Alliejj Resident 10.83
Lanky Silvercloud  13.66**
Robbin Ember 14.00 *
Pyper Dollinger  DNS

*Heat Winner
**Top 5 Scorer after Heat winner
Advance to the Tsunami Beach Pro
Per event rules – Heat winner and top next 5 scores advance.

EC – Melian Catronis
Marshal – Cloudy Mikado
Head Judge – Bobbi Laval
Judge – Mick Lunasea
Judge – Figger Arun
DJ – Sierra Sugar
Security – Pova Rustamova

Note: Pre-qualified for the Pro Event on Saturday, September 22nd
Wilfrid DeCuir
0000Luca0000 Resident
Bobbi Laval
ilaurenb Resident
Willowwynn Resident
Colleen Brennan
Figger Arun
Pova Rustamova
Ignacio pevensey
Ashoka Mosely
Terruce Chau
Mick Lunasea
Graxis Darnova
Sally LaSalle
Lourinho Nizna
Dax Verlaine
Petra Xaris
Melian Catronis
Rachel Emodemon
Sarahs Wirefly
Sunrize Mornington
Abel Halderman
Imzadi Amaterasu


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